Daily Draw – Knight of Wands


Before I get to the daily draw, I’d like to point you to a great blog.  Little Red Tarot is the blog I stumbled across a year or more ago and gave me the confidence to start really trying to read with the nice decks I’d been buying over the years.  As she says in this post, it really has enriched my life.  Also, she has a nice class, for a really minimal amount of money, to get you started reading.

Daily Draw – Knight of Wands.  Boy I can’t get a break from these court cards, and what’s up with Wands this week?

The card depicts a horse, with a castle on its back, a treasure chest and key inside the horse.  The sun shines down on the horse from between clouds.  More of the eyes, and the little ghosts.  Wands for legs again.

Wands keep coming up this week, and nothing about this card is jumping out at me.  I can make a guess but I feel like I’m getting a little repetitive this week with all the wands I keep pulling.  I think I need some help, so I’m pulling out some books and doing a little research on both Wands and this card…. I listed the resources I used below, checked about 3 or 4 books, and a couple sites online.  I’m reminded the wands suit is a fire sign, the knight is a fire court card, the knight is a son, who relates to household matters (aha!  the castle on the horse’s back) and the knight is a seeker/adventurer.  I like the meaning of expedition, scientific exploration, and discovery, but not sure that is what I’m seeing for today.  There is also an older meaning of discord, family matters, disruption.  So, if the knight is a traveler, and a double fire sign, I am getting how it could be the arrival of disruptive and/or angering influences.  I’m going to go with the arrival of disruptive influences in the home.  Good learning experience today.

Here are the books I checked:

Holistic Tarot – great but huge book.  Her blog is also great.

78 Degrees of Wisdom – really good, one of my most referred to books.

Pictorial Key to the Tarot – download this free PDF – the book is in the public domain.

Learning the tarot – you can buy the book or use her website, which includes everything in the book for free.

Here are the online resources:

tarotlore.com, includes pictures and multiple definitions from older books.

Benebell Wen’s resources – she has a ton of study guides that work great when using her also excellent book.


2 thoughts on “Daily Draw – Knight of Wands

  1. Those cards are great – I wouldn’t have a clue where to start with them though – struggle enough with the traditional cards! Thanks for sharing those links, they’ll come in very useful for me I think 🙂


    1. I’m surprised how easily I can understand most of them to be honest, it must be the artwork resonates with me. Good thing a lot of my collection is a modern style! This one had me stumped though. I think I settled on a close to accurate meaning though, my day did seem pretty disrupted and filled with petty conflicts. All worked out well though and it helped to have been put on guard against losing my temper by the daily draw.


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